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A Week-end in Kochi

Here are some tips for a great weekend around Kochi. It’s a perfect getaway to escape Chennai for a weekend. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Weekend in Kochi and around – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  There […]

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Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a small tropical paradise just a few hours from Rio. Its proximity and ease of access make the island very visited at some periods. To make the most of this beautiful island, it is important to choose well your season. Indeed, it is located on the Costa Verde and means it rains […]

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Chennai is not the first tourist destination in India, we agree. But I went there on a business trip and took advantage of the weekend to discover as much as possible and i was really amazed by the beauty of everything I saw first in Tamil Nadu (between Chennai and Pondicherry) and then in Kerala […]

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A Weekend in Bavaria: Neuschwanstein Castle

Who does not dream to see the castle of the Sleeping Beauty ?! You will find this fairy castle south of Germany, in Bavaria near the little town of Füssen. Neuschwanstein Castle (real name: Ludwig II of Bavaria) surrounded by a beautiful nature with mountains, lakes and a lot of hiking possibilities. It is very […]

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Dresden and the Bastei Bridge

September 2016 On the Elbe River, Dresden is a surprising mix of modernity and Baroque architecture. It is an very nice destination for a weekend. On one side of the Elbe is ‘Altstadt’ with all the old monuments. On the other side of the river, it is ‘Neustadt’, a modern and alternative district which reminds […]

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Currently living in Germany, I try not only to fly all over the globe also to discover the beautiful German regions when the weather is nice enough  🙂 Dresde and the Bastei Bridge – Germany     Neuschwanstein Castle

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Magical Stockholm

STOCKHOLM IN JANUARY A few hours only by plane from Paris (or Germany), Stockholm is so different from south Europe and accessible for a weekend. In January the days are very short, daylight is from 9h to 15h30. Even when the sun is there, it stays very low and does not overheat but gives beautiful […]

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Until now, what i discovered from Sweden is only Stockholm where i went many weekends. But discovering more of Sweden and Scandinavia could be one of my next winter trips. Stockholm – Sweden

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Tenerife, the volcanic island

October 2016 Center Going up to the Teide The symbol of Tenerife: the volcano of Teide culminating at 3715m! A nice way to go up there is to climb separate in two hikes and in the Teide shelter. We leave towards noon direction the refuge. The hike is supposed to last 3:30 with about 800 […]

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Fuerteventura: Desert, lagoons and dunes

October 2016 Desert, dunes, volcanoes, waves and lagoons: Welcome to Fuerteventura! Between north and south everything is different and despite the lack of vegetation, the landscapes are breathtaking. Totally different and surprising from one place to another, we do not get bored of it. We arrived very early on Saturday morning so we could enjoy […]

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